Clearance Services

Clearance Services

Our client service at Prudential Shipping and Trading PTE. LTD. is very important to us. Our mission is to give our customers with the best service and solutions possible. We will go above and beyond to meet your demands, and we are eager to go the extra mile for you. We are convinced that our customs clearing services will meet your expectations, and we hope that you will choose us as your chosen service provider. Our customs brokers are licenced and knowledgeable about tariffs and customs laws, so they can anticipate and avoid potential problems during customs clearance. We understand how important it is for you to transfer your goods around the world, and we are here to assist you.

What is Customs Clearance, and how does it work??

A shipper may ask what customs clearance entails and how it relates to their shipping alternatives before delivering various goods. Each country's customs clearance quota must be met by every international ocean freight shipment.
Customs clearance is a required step in the process of allowing goods to enter a country via an authorised customs broker. There is also information about shipments with imports and exports with parties participating in the process within this process.

Properly Load Your Shipping Container?

Making ensuring your shipping container is properly loaded is one of the most important things you can do. Finally, the loading of your shipping containers is your responsibility as the shipper. You are free to do so as you see fit; however, if shipping containers are not correctly loaded, customs may raise red flags.